Self-conscious about smiling or laughing because of a gummy smile? If you no longer want to worry about your gummy smile, there are gummy smile treatment options to give you the smile you want.

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Some individuals have too much gum tissue causing the teeth to appear shorter than they actually are creating a gummy smile. Excessive gum tissue often means the gums are healthy and a portion of the gums can be removed for a more natural-looking, balanced smile. A gingivectomy utilizes a soft tissue laser that can remove the excess gum tissue that is exposed when smiling. Gum contouring is another option for redesigning your gummy smile.

Other individuals have very high smile lines, meaning they’re teeth may have a normal shape, but the lip muscles pull up quite high and too much gum tissue is revealed while smiling causing a gummy smile. A surgical procedure may be performed to pin the lip so that less gum tissue shows when smiling and laughing providing a treatment option for your gummy smile. Botox may also be an option for some people with a hypermobile lip to reduce the tooth display.

A combination of these or other factors may also result in a gummy smile. Dr. David Evans office in Boulder can assess your gum health and discuss your best choices for treatment. Schedule an appointment today if you want to smile without reservation.